Global wireless technology continues to advance the IoT (Internet Of Things) experiences with the launch of Bluetooth 5. It doubles the speed, boosts broadcast messaging capacity by 800%, and increase range 4 times.
The main goal of Bluetooth 5 is " To increase the overall quality of the connections and the interoperability of these connections."
1) Adoption of Beacon devices:
Beacons are small wireless devices that are fitted into Bluetooth 5 which constantly transmit radio waves. Beacons devices decrease the chances of poor connection.
2) Increased number of "Advertising packets":
This increased number of AP makes Bluetooth 5 more reliable. As it asks the name of a device before pairing it. The increased number of packets should allow the pairing process to be a faster, more reliable action, which will also help out with the stability of the connection.
3) Better IOT :
Bluetooth 5 offers the flexibility to make IoT solutions better because of 2x speed, 4x range 8x data capacity. It offers better IoT connection as the range increased up to 4 times. So not only home but whole building, industry, factory, office surrounding would be possible to connect properly.
4) Available Everywhere:
It includes update which helps to reduce interference of other wireless technologies as Bluetooth devices can coexist within the increasingly complex global IoT environment. It matches the install base of Bluetooth technology with over 10 billion devices which no other wireless device can provide ever.
5) Improved Location Awareness:
This feature provides users personalized experiences. Bluetooth always roams with a device. Bluetooth can provide more granularity. Every cell tower’s location is fixed and typically has a known, highly precise set of coordinates available.
6) Better Audio Quality:
As speed is increased it would be possible to have better sound quality than its earlier version. The stereo sound would become possible in speakers. And fewer chances of disturbance and connection failure.
7) Location based services:
This wireless technology also improves location based services. Now moving around not only your home but in a shopping mall would also possible for you without breaking the connections.
8) Quick data transfer:
Data transfer speed has increased 8 times, so much more data transfer would possible in short time.